Mini sex doll will be hidden to make my own ideas

I have a lot of reasons to do it, and it is planned. I like the aviation field so there are some things to do in the atmosphere: flight attendants, pilots, hot hands… behind Douglas’s big poster… um! Mini sex doll does not. In graphic media, we use sex dolls excessively. We have seen this in recent years. For my taste, it’s too pubescent, just like it looks. Anyway it will be very soft, I don’t want it to look like one. Unless we are alone. Normal, what? I don’t do things halfway: either I don’t talk about it, I hide the sex doll. Suppose the doll has a small decorative touch and awkwardness. At first, the mini sex doll will be hidden to make my own thoughts and tame this new aspect of my life, especially intimate and who looks at me. I have to live alone with Alexandra. Then, I think, for my freedom, the mini sex doll model will be decorated a little in the living room… Anyway, I will not let anyone interfere with my private field, speech, criticism, opinions, not invited. In general, people will immediately feel it and quickly close the theme. When we let them do this (the energy we release) they allow themselves to make speeches.

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