Mini sex doll is not very strange

Haha! Your invasion of the theme of the mini sex doll is quite popular! … Everyone is bizarre, dear, is it strange to stick nude photos in the truck cab? Is it strange to spend 1000 euros on his mini sex doll? Wouldn’t it be strange to be a gynaecologist? Isn’t it a strange idea for a woman who borrows money to buy a brand bag or shoe? Is it strange to draw a blue, white and red flag on the face while blowing a balloon? Isn’t it strange to be a follower of a horror movie? Is it really strange that the mini sex doll is advertised on the radio every 5 minutes? Is it not surprising that every lady who buys a plastic cigar puts it in a cat? Will I stop or continue? The mini sex doll dress in the living room is no more strange than your neighbor’s painted pottery poodle or garden dwarf. You just need to say to them, “Welcome to the club!”


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