This is where the sex doll forum comes in

I finally found the name of the sex doll manufacturer that interests me, but the combination I was interested in (head + body) does not exist, I have two choices: let me make a mini sex doll ordered on the urdolls website, but The price is too high, or directly from the Chinese manufacturer’s factory through the website I will not mention the name to do the same thing (I read that this is not allowed), the price must be very competitive, but no service, no insurance ( ?), it is indeed the ideal model, although the seller can claim. Because we are never too careful or error-free, and considering the cost of it, I don’t want to miss it. This is where the forum comes in. I came here to find reliable information from informed people, and the Internet is no longer able to provide me with relevant information because it is drowned in the corner of the ocean. Thank you in advance! Live long and prosper. That’s it, my speech is over, you have the right to take aspirin, open the window and breathe well!

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