I mainly collect sex doll information

To be exact, this is what I call a custom Japanese sex doll on the website. I have seen the brand and resellers being referenced on this forum before the release, and the contact is also the administrator of the forum. I will not make any additional comments on the competitiveness of foreign websites, just for importers and professionals to import or make Japanese sex dolls in France. Before buying, I mainly collect information and try to sort between true and false (literally and figuratively). This is a great place to find information and make comments! Welcome to the world of wonderful Japanese sex dolls. You can trust this forum, and I have experienced this with a lot of admirable and enthusiastic people who have helped me. I like dolls! I love me as much as many people here! Such a good discovery and curiosity! Very large and beautiful presentation. You tell yourself that you are right. Here are all the information for a good store… and more.

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