There are some sex dolls that have aroused my interest

Recently, because I didn’t know why, I went back to the mini sex doll, just to see if there is something new. Ok, you said there are new things! Manufacturers, models, prices, etc. are multiplied as much, very very ugly, because they are also very, very beautiful. There are even some sex dolls that have caught my interest. But I quickly saw the same model (same news photos), with 50,000 names and different references among 50,000 manufacturers, ranging in price from 500 euros to 3,000 euros! Because I like to learn more about things (no tough subtext, oh!), I did some research and I quickly realized that there were many copies and/or fakes. It’s hard to unravel the false truth, especially when only news photos are published, the photos of the factory are sometimes very different… and often very disappointing!

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