I stumbled upon the urdolls robotic sex doll

Hello, be careful, this is a long time to read. Quarantine, no children, singles, grammar Nazi, Pierre fans, Star Trek and historical aviation – no reports – I discovered the world of mini sex doll a few weeks later. No, that is not entirely correct. A few years ago, I stumbled upon the robotic doll of urdolls, and I was amazed at the level of realism. But a bit like a small wash (washroom, another Japanese invention), I am very confused and doubtful about the use, social influence, psychology, etc. Today, I always ask myself so many questions, but less, and most importantly, I laughed sillyly. I bought my own Washlet! No, I know, there is no a priori report, but one: After several years of retrospectives, I am also prepared to solve the theme of the doll without prejudice, which seems inappropriate or unhealthy.

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