All sex doll images can be enlarged

Good evening. Yes, the body of my new mini sex doll still has the face of Tania. I want as little external change as possible. I really like that face. I posted two photos in the forum on the face of the sex doll. This is more pictures. All sex doll images can be enlarged. The comparison of old and new bodies is difficult for me to write in English. I need a lot of time. Maybe I will do it one day. If your English is good, you can answer me in English via this forum or a private message on the doll forum. Good evening, welcome. The tribe has grown a lot lately. Enjoy your beauty and show it to us as soon as possible. We are not to judge ourselves, but to share common interests (enthusiasm?), exchange information, tips, etc. right? This is the theme of the forum, I am wrong? If you like, this forum will be yours! Good reading can eliminate your curiosity and / or share your wishes!

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