I suggest you contact the person in charge of the doll directly

I am surprised to see this news here. I agree with you that marketing is not their strength. The pictures on the website have been around for a few years, and the new skeleton is not mentioned anywhere. There are few descriptions of real life sensitive options. I can only suggest that you contact the person in charge of the doll directly. My emails were very satisfactory. Yes, I found some answers. Enough to access urdolls and order a new doll. Five weeks ago, I took the new Mara and she sat next to me. Thank you all for all this information. I didn’t ask much because I have found enough information. Thank you for posting some photos here. Special thanks to. Ingrid’s photo convinced me to contact them. Especially the people she stood. I am very glad to hear that you bought a mini sex doll. Does your new sex doll always have a Tania face or do you choose another face? I hope that you can send some of her photos. I would also be interested if you are new to the old one.

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