I hope to find the perfect sex doll here

Good morning. Please forgive me, but unfortunately I can’t speak English. I need a translation software. I am 40 years old and I have been a mini sex doll for 8 years. Her name is Mara. I want to give him a new body for a long time. Recently, I plan to buy a brand new doll in urdolls. Unfortunately, there is very little information about sex dolls in other forums, and I hope to find them here. I am also the proud owner of the urdolls enhanced model. You can see these photos on the show, ladies, this will give you an idea. So it is the latest. You will see that this model is personalized. If you want other photos or information, I am always at your service. I haven’t seen the forum yet, “I introduce my ladies.” This is part of an extra option that can require custom-made dolls such as freckles, tattoos, specific colors, etc… Thank you very much. I found your photo during this time. The photos of the sex dolls are very impressive.

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