Today’s sex dolls are powered by artificial intelligence

Every day of a Love Doll is the same, and there will never be a situation where your sex doll will refuse your desire. You are solely responsible, and whenever you want her to perform, she will do so without saying no or complaining. Earlier last year, Amazon was forced to withdraw sex dolls from its products due to a large number of complaints received by charities around the world.

The charity mentioned that selling dolls that look like children is morally unacceptable and may encourage the growth of pedophilia. Similarly, there is not enough evidence to support these complaints, but this strong resistance is enough to make Amazon stop selling some sex dolls. With the help of advanced technology, intelligent robots that can do housework are being planned and will be further improved, so that sex dolls are not only for sex!

The average price of smart TPE sex doll is 50,000 yuan, but other types of dolls (non-smart silicone or TPE dolls) only cost thousands of yuan. The early one-child policy highlighted the long-standing prejudice against women in certain areas. In terms of sex dolls, online platform sales continued to rise, and sex doll sharing apps even appeared.

Although it was quickly removed from the shelves, this phenomenon has caused various concerns about the objectification of women. Compared with adult toys, a key and unique factor that sex dolls provide users is that the stimulation of sex dolls is unrestricted. In addition to this unique advantage, they also provide many other benefits for owners.

Hefner referred to his lover doll as his female companion, and took different lover dolls for a ride every day, because he felt that it was much better to get along with these lover dolls than with complicated humans, and there was no pressure at all. They can satisfy any of my fantasies! I should have it! “But Hefner was not satisfied with this.

Today’s WM Dolls are driven by artificial intelligence, so they can speak and respond to touch. Some high-tech dolls even have sensors that can simulate the temperature of the human body through heating. To be honest, it is not difficult to find developers who like to provide realistic dolls for users with different tastes and preferences. In response, you can easily access lifelike sex dolls with some additional artificial intelligence.

Trust us, you will forget your real woman and fall in love with this doll that provides a human-like feeling. Just like the emotional drama in the movie “Blade Runner” and the emotional drama of Jackie Phoenix and Scarlett Johansson (at least her voice) in the 2013 movie “She”, sex dolls are still controversial. It is easy to be misunderstood. Interestingly, “She” is also a movie focused on analyzing the emotions of artificial life-especially in a relationship.

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