The duration of the sex doll depends on how often the doll is used

Although some people claim that humans’ response to Love Doll is an instinctive response to abnormal, idealized and weird objects, just like insects’ response to various heat and light sources. The editor believes that fetishism may originate from a person’s desire to control and passivity towards a partner, although not everyone is like this, because many people feel lonely or tired of finding a partner. One person may regard the love doll as a wife, while another person may regard the doll as a child. If the same sound is used on the doll, it becomes a machine.

Silent dolls have different meanings to different customers. We hope that every customer can have their own feelings and memories of Aiwawa. Many people consider and eventually hide their wishes before buying. But today, most of them have walked out of their closets, expressing fantasies of being with sex dolls to satisfy their private needs. There is no need to be extravagant and wasteful, just choose a commonly used one. Next, rinse the wig gently and thoroughly.

Conditioner can be used to make fake glow look smooth and beautiful, but this is more of a preference than a necessity. After applying the conditioner, wait a while and rinse again with warm water. Note that the clean part is best to use warm water, so that it will not easily damage the texture of the wig. The duration of the TPE sex doll depends on how often the doll is used. If used for a long time, various parts of the doll may wear out quickly. If the doll is not made of high-quality materials, some parts may even fall off.

This is why some dolls are detachable or replaceable parts. On the other hand, urdolls are also regarded as a good business model by some young people in sex doll factories. These life-size sex dolls are lifelike, and the price varies from thousands to tens of thousands of dollars depending on the material. In early 2009, I just invited some college students to do the test. Full production began in 2011. It’s finally the day when your doll is delivered. You are very excited, and your little friend is also very happy to try his new toy.

But before we delve into the operation and have some fun, you need to properly open the product box and set it up. In the long run, poor execution of these two factors will lead to an unsatisfactory experience. As the demand for lifelike WM Dolls for partners continues to rise, the business of creating artificial intelligence technology is also booming. Serge received a large number of orders from potential customers. He can’t keep up with them.

He is currently expanding his business. “I will never be as happy as when I was with my wife, but now I don’t think I will feel lost anymore, and the feeling of loneliness has become tolerable.” Many novices often have a lot of concerns before buying real human sex dolls. , But the doll itself usually only needs to pay attention to the following four points: material, feel, weight, and price. There are currently two mainstream human doll materials: silica gel and thermoplastic elastomer (TPE). Their advantages and disadvantages are obvious.

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