Research what motivates them to buy sex dolls

Goodbye, death is always the saddest thing, whether it is a friend, a partner, or even a Love Doll. But unlike people who die of diseases and other traffic accidents, the “death” of sex dolls is controllable. Sex dolls mean a lot to some people, so before they own, protect and rely on dolls, they want to know their lifespan. When people are addicted to pornography, they may begin to ignore their work, colleagues, friends and even family.

It is difficult for a porn addict to be awakened by his or her partner. Therefore, this may destroy their relationship with their partner. If you want to achieve all crazy sexual desires without affecting your partner’s personal life, people should consider selective dolls. The common sex dolls can be washed all over. After cleaning, wipe off the water stains and apply talcum powder to maintain the effect.

The coating is silica gel, which is not easy to fade and can be cleaned with confidence. It is recommended to clean the coated parts gently. The body of the smart 100cm sex doll can only be washed with water, but the head can only be wiped out. Since the machine head has a built-in power interface, water washing is prohibited. You can choose to scrub. The power interface must be waterproof. If water gets in, the power cannot be turned on.

However, the high-quality love dolls sold by urdolls have passed the quality inspection of the expert team to ensure that there is no risk of harming themselves when used. Starting from the love doll made of TPE or pure silicone, you don’t have to worry about wear, toxicity or allergies. Help strengthen immunity. Medical research shows that moving a heavy love doll or talking to a love doll can enhance the formation of antibody immunoglobulin A (IgA), which has a great effect on improving the human immune system.

When the hair is dry, find a soft sofa or chair to place the sex doll. To prevent wear on your fingertips, please wear silk stockings on your arms. After the sex doll is ready, put the condom on the penis, apply an appropriate amount of lubricant, and choose the method you like. The latest developments in the sex doll industry have witnessed an increase in orders from customers all over the world. A recent study showed that compared with only 5% of women, men buy sex dolls 95% higher.

In today’s article, we will study the reasons that motivate them to buy WM Dolls. The ones mentioned below are the top ones. According to the latest population sex ratio survey, the current ratio of men to women is roughly 116:100, which is higher than the standard value of 107:100. The result is a relative shortage of women. Liu Lan said: “Many young Chinese men find it difficult to find female partners and get married. So they choose sex dolls.” Urdolls doll factory hopes to provide more customers with the opportunity to customize sex dolls.

The company’s employees are planning to copy elements from animation and celebrities. At the same time, the company’s engineering team said: “This means that there will be more beautiful faces, beautiful figures, real skin feelings and beautiful skin tones. We also plan to focus on many popular elements that can be seen in Hollywood. America. “One of our best-selling series is celebrity sex dolls, which are now sought after by young people. We are also working hard to reduce the weight of the dolls. This is very popular with customers and makes it easier for them to pick up and store them.”

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