Stains on the skin of your lifelike sex doll

Avoid using adhesives and glues because they are not only messy, they are also difficult to remove and may damage the scalp and skin of the Mini sex doll. Avoid using elastic bands and belts, because if left for too long, they may leave permanent marks on the soft skin of the TPE doll. Avoid wearing dark wig caps, as they will leave stains on the skin of your lifelike sex doll, especially lightcolored wigs.

According to your preferences, your artificial intelligence sex doll can display certain personality characteristics, perform automatic gestures and even orgasm. In this way, the company can truly transform your doll into a humanlike sexual experience.

how do you put on a wig

Is BBW silicone Anime sex doll as a companion? Imagine you gently cupping her huge H cup breasts. Imagine that every time you enter her heart from behind, she will moan in joy and pain. Well, if you bring the BBW doll into your arms, these imaginations will become reality.

The fullsize silicone sex doll is the most interactive human lover. If you are not a real person, you can also put it down. There is no doubt that these dolls will be your perfect companion, when AI, artificial intelligence and virtual reality are fully embodied, they will have sound, customizable appearance and even personality.

It makes you more interesting, more attractive, and gets rid of the shackles of sexual desire, which makes you work too hard and even seem to be struggling hard. In this way, when the Japanese sex doll feels that you have become a lot, the doll will increase your chances of being with a real woman. A woman thinks like this: “This guy has been laid off, he won’t try to hit me too much, there must be something wrong with me, he must have some good feelings.”



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