Fullsize love dolls bring better health and attractiveness

To clean the Mini sex doll wig, fill the sink or washbasin with warm water, remove the wig from the doll, and then wash it thoroughly with mild shampoo and mild conditioner. The water should be deep enough to completely submerge the wig. Just add a small amount of shampoo to the water, don’t overuse it. Shake the water slightly to make it soapy, and then slowly dip it into the wig. Don’t wrap the wig too much, or your little sex doll’s hair will get more knots.

The AI ​​robot sex doll revolution, we have more players like TrueCompanion and Android Love Dolls, they are working hard to let you have the touch and virtual reality porn of a longdistance lover. It is believed that by 2050, most humans will establish a physical relationship with AI sex dolls, and as mass production increases, its price may drop to $2,000.


157CM Student B Cup Breast TPE Sex Doll Simona

When you bring the Anime sex doll to your place, you will not see her tantrums and mood swings. Instead, you will get pure pleasure and love from her. Because of her boring personality and drooling appearance, almost every man fantasizes about her. Therefore, you can think that no matter how rough you are with her, she will not get you into trouble like other ladies.

Fullsize love dolls, bring better health and attractiveness, sex is no longer a taboo or socially awkward topic, and to some extent even responsible for the rise of sex dolls, or at least not detrimental to sex dolls The rise of. However, apart from sex no longer becoming a taboo, what other reasons have led to the unprecedented increase in the popularity of sex dolls?

The “Sex Forum” is a place to share information, detailed information, and information about suppliers, experience, quality, and information about Japanese sex doll and all the ways customers can enjoy them. As sex dolls become more and more complex and provide more and more sex doll lovers with tactile and visual accuracy, the sex doll forum has also become a community for those who wish to use these realistic sex dolls as a companion It is reserved for people in the bedroom to use.


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