I chose a high-end realistic silicone doll

The physical doll is basically made of two kinds of raw materials. They used to be silicone Male sex doll. However, after the thermoplastic elastomer TPE slowly ignited, many doll manufacturers used TPE raw materials that were more suitable for making dolls. Many people are here. Community asked: Are TPE and silicone dolls good? Before, I have introduced the advantages and disadvantages of silicone and TPE materials. I don’t know if you know. From a health and use point of view, TPE has advantages, but will you buy a TPE doll? First, we need to distinguish the raw materials of physical dolls:

Among those surveyed by us, many people accept Tpe sex doll because they have no girlfriends or wives. They lack a sexual partner for a long time, and their sexual desire cannot be realized. Therefore, they need to buy some sex products to release their inner feelings. Dirty fantasy. Among all the sex products, they chose a high-end realistic silicone doll. On the one hand, because the silicone love doll has a human shape, the sex doll is like the weight of a real person, giving them a kind of sex. sense. On the other hand, reality can also accompany them in their lives to alleviate their inner loneliness.

Tpe Silicone Sex Dolls

A message on the Internet aroused discussion among people from all walks of life. According to a senior reporter, this is a forty-year-old man, the man on this list, and his own realistic love Flat chest sex doll. A small wedding was held in his own home. The people attending the wedding are mainly their closest family and friends. Many people have different opinions on this matter. Some people say that such a thing may run counter to normal common sense, while others say it is a matter of other people’s family. Most people have no way to intervene. This kind of wedding has attracted the attention of many people.

You may already be single. Maybe you really want a good relationship. Really sorry. No matter how many women you have, you will always have some complaints. Your partner always says that you are an attractive handsome man after all. You just don’t know why you don’t want to work with women. One night, when you felt depressed when you were at home alone, your best friend asked me if I could take him to a beer.

The worst thing in life is having to stay alone for too long. Even if you have an excellent girlfriend, she has to move because of good working conditions, so you will meet once a month. You will miss her often, and sometimes you will be under pressure from having sex. For a man of your age, the waiting time of one month is too long!



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