Adjust the size of the chest or the tightness of the vagina according to your needs

The surface smoothness of silica gel has a wider range of material hardness. Generally, 20~80A silica gel materials have excellent surface smoothness. It has excellent heat resistance, cold resistance, dielectric strength, ozone resistance and atmospheric aging properties, and excellent silicone rubber properties in a wide temperature range.

With the continuous sublimation and change of urban living standards, more and more silicone Male sex doll are loved and loved by single nobles. We know that realistic dolls are better than previous inflatable dolls, and have a more realistic size and weight, and a better touch. Therefore, we must admit that with the current global consumption upgrade, more and more sex dolls need to be improved and improved in quality. Silicone dolls are one of them.

Galbraith - 157CM B-cup Athlete WM NO.334 Head Special Female Soldier Tan Skin TPE Sex Doll

Wait for the hair of the silicone doll to dry, find a soft sofa or chair to place the Flat chest sex doll to prevent wear on the fingertips and other places, and put the stockings on the arms. Through the introduction of this article, you have a new method of caring for your silicone love doll, which can make her better retain in quality and performance, can provide you with more sex experience, and can make you more Accompany life well.

With knowledge of related dolls, after finding a specific sales channel, I bought this quiet full-size realistic Anime sex doll directly in our store. The product has a variety of functions, not only the simulation degree is as high as 95. And also has a very high height and body structure, you can adjust the size of the chest or tightness of the vagina according to your needs, just like a real person, so this man loves it very much.

I was single a few years ago. I hate being single. However, in many of my appointments, none of the women met my needs. It can almost be said that I categorically reject all women. They are never perfect for me. The role is very good, not suitable for watching. Do I find that these women look good, or the roles are not suitable, or are not interested in me.



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