The world of sex dolls is not completely strange to me

Hello, I am new, but the world of sex dolls is not completely strange to me. I am 28 years old and I am in a relationship. I have not tried to use dolls at the moment, I know this is a cost and maintenance. However, this fascinated me, I was amazed at the technical strength, the smallest details, the rendering and so on. If one day it is done, I think my choice will be a small one from aesthetics, these are my favorite visual effects. I also really like the pictures in this Instagram account. I mainly study here and ask. Come here is the first step!! So good to read, and did not hesitate to ask (re) see the price is a cold shower… For the problem, I am a good beginner I don’t know all the different models sold. When I was browsing the presentation, I was impressed by the number of different dolls and sellers…! I was told that I could wipe off the choice of clothes and skin materials on the skin of the Mini Sex Doll. TPE or silica gel. Do you know any advantages/disadvantages? I think the best thing is to be able to touch it yourself to get an idea. Is there a physical doll shop?

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