I am sorry for the fragile sex of sex doll

If you are looking for an AI on the head of a sex doll. And a sporty head. Because it is the direction of the manufacturer (or in any case). However, as I said, unless manufacturers use technology more on skeletons, molds, or revolutionary materials, there will not be too much in this regard. So, if you are not interested in artificial intelligence, then once you get a full understanding here, go ahead. Plus you can install it on your or your window… Realistic mini sex doll or safe and realistic (than real)… This is a unique experience worthy of Disney attraction or future film: Nothing is ready for this confrontation! So instead of waiting for it to move or talk… try something that already exists. So be brave here! It is beautifully said! A beautiful vision of things. Indeed: I regret that the sex doll is fragile and sexy, I would rather compare it to the Ming vase.

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