Let our sex dolls have fun

Hello everyone, I am new here. We are Canadians in their forties. I just ordered my Japanese sex doll. I am here to find and exchange sex doll tips and ideas to make our dolls have fun. Our doll is a WM 166 cm C cup. A beautiful plant with very reasonable weight. Dolls… If WM sees the same situation at all points, except for the letters from C to F, I will not hesitate to break other things in my piggy bank plan. I am very interested in the doll world. I will have one soon, I think I need some advice and help, because in my opinion, it is not easy to take care of it. I need your help. For beginners I don’t want to make a strange start. thank you all. This is indeed the choice of life and the choice of life. You will find all the information you want here.

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