I can make too many breasts for sex doll

I am happy and lonely. Two months ago, I met a man and a woman. Almost a woman, but I don’t have a bus. On the bench, she didn’t move. I am curiously approaching curiosity. The gentleman told me that this is a very beautiful Japanese sex doll. I touched my hand and he told me. how about it! Yes! I replied. He suggested putting my hand on the small breast. I must say that although the size is a bit small in my opinion. Finally, we discuss and talk to me about this woman who lives with him. I said a woman because he thought she was like this. Because I am watching online, I am here. As far as I am concerned, a plastic woman is between 150 and 158, I see his 35 kg 166. This is a heavy 178 cm for me. Here, I am not just seeing this. Know the woman I just saw on Instagram. So beautiful, I can make too many breasts for sex dolls. She can laugh more.

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