The concept of dolls and women who use vibrators for sexual gratification

Xiao En (pseudonym), a 55-year-old farmer, his wife died of cancer a year ago. Now the children are grown up and live in the city, but he lives alone in a house in the country, his wife’s death makes it difficult for him to accept. In Japan at the beginning of the 20th century, there was also a “Love Doll“, which was a sex doll based on the image of ancient Chinese characters. The society at that time belonged to the upper class and bought special toys. On the one hand, it uses its own materials to set off social identity.

On the other hand, it is to satisfy their fetishes. The development of these sex dolls in Japanese society is unprecedented and very common. Although this is a common hygiene habit, not all buyers are used to cleaning dolls before and after having sex with them. When your doll is idle, she is just attracting all the dust and dirt on her body.

As a result, bacteria grew on her body. If you enter her body without cleaning, bacteria will infect your body and cause many diseases. Similarly, when you don’t clean her after use, you actually make the doll a home for many kinds of bacteria and viruses. No one knows about this, not even his ex-wife. He hides the doll in a very hidden place every day, not wanting to be found by neighbors.

Because now, Dirk understands that his lifestyle will not be understood by others, but hopes that one day he can date Clarissa boldly and publicly. In addition, Anime sex doll are literally “dolls”. They have no life and cannot respond or express like humans. This brings up the fact that intimacy with sex dolls is not cheating, because they have no vitality and are only used for enjoyment and exploratory pleasure.

You can try to convince them by comparing the concept of dolls with women who use vibrators for sexual gratification. This is not considered cheating at all. Someone commented: “It should be a special skin tone. It can not only absorb ambient light, but also reflect the light of the whole body, making the doll look radiant.” Others think: “I think the official announcement videos and photos are more like Look for the ultimate light and angle, or be extra careful when making each doll. “The AI ​​sex doll industry is in a leading position in the field of synthetic biology, thanks to the continuous improvement of cutting-edge technology and a large number of innovative talents.

When you think that the creators of sex dolls can no longer continue their epic design and manufacturing, they do everything possible to develop more breakthrough dolls. 66-year-old Japanese man Chiji Nakajima and his sex doll came to the beach for vacation. In Japan, about 2,000 exquisite and realistic silicone sex dolls are sold every year, priced as high as 6,000 US dollars.

They have adjustable limb joints, detachable 100cm sex doll heads and beautiful faces. In the North American market, we believe that people’s curiosity about sex dolls will continue to grow. The result will be an increase in the sales and applicability of sex dolls, and the use of sex dolls in the entertainment industry.

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