Realistic human sex dolls are becoming more and more popular

Now, people have realized the importance of evaluating themselves. Such people prefer to get along with Love Doll because it can bring them a better sense of satisfaction and happiness. Eventually, the demand for sex dolls increased. Nowadays, science and technology are developing artificial uterus, and artificial intelligence is also developing rapidly. When the AI ​​female robot said “her” dream is: I hope to get married and have children before the age of 30, and build a happy family. The whole audience burst into laughter, but I couldn’t make it out. Unwilling to walk with loneliness. Another common cause of this situation is that people are afraid of being alone. As social animals, humans have lived on the earth for millions of years. Our nature drives us to find partners and build relationships.

If this demand cannot be met in the same category, it will be pinned on other humanoids and non-living creatures, including humanoid sex dolls or human robots. “Wired” once reported that a retired professor who lived alone used the robot cleaner as a companion. In addition, the doll industry pays more attention to conquering the technical level of the industry. At past exhibitions, some companies proposed that people can make their own dolls like characters in computer games, while also working on more artificial intelligence functions. As the old saying goes, urdolls and Abyss Creations in the United States have collaborated to create and provide world-class AI companion learning robots. These robots are so realistic and capable of dialogue.

Many people have established friendships with their 100cm sex doll and enjoyed a good sex life. The combination of the two helps them fight loneliness and suppress depression. In addition to the above reasons, it is reported that many people buy sex dolls to satisfy specific doll fetishes. All in all, sex dolls are a perfect substitute for men, despite the reasons that prompted him to buy the product. There are potential moral, ethical and psychological challenges in the future, but there are also many potential benefits.

In addition, don’t forget that the whole body dolls are for fun, they are entertainment products, and are made for companionship and not for higher purposes. Whether they save or destroy humanity remains to be seen. Today’s silicon dolls have multiple functions and flexibility options. They can be placed in a variety of different locations, so they are ideal substitutes for human partners to perform one’s different fantasies. “Fortunately, sex dolls have met the needs of many people.

When our partners’ factories were closed for several weeks during the epidemic, everyone was under tremendous pressure, and shipments were always very unpredictable. We are fortunate to have so many customers who support us. They support us in any situation. We thank them for not letting our business shut down during the epidemic. We survived. “As mentioned earlier, realistic human WM Dolls are becoming more and more popular. In fact, a 2017 survey in the United States showed that nearly half of Americans believe that living with robots will be common in the next few years. matter.

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