Most high-end love sex dolls are very beautiful

Futurist Ian Pearson said such laws can prevent sex robots from looking too realistic. The reason may be the panic caused by the robot threat theory and the uncanny valley theory. The evolution of Love Doll. The doll industry has undergone tremendous changes in the past five years. The previous inflatable dolls can only be said to be cold plastic.

However, sex doll manufacturers saw a gap in the market and began to experiment with TPE and silicone to produce sex dolls. They changed the material of the doll to make it look lifelike. Some factories even introduced sex dolls with three breasts. This doll seemed deeply shocked. In fact, this role modeling comes from the red light district girl from Mars in the 1990 science fiction movie “Universal Dragon”. This image even appeared at Milan Fashion Week, but she did not expect to be turned into a sex doll.

However, these replacement 100cm sex doll are expensive. On the one hand, customized dolls require additional molds. On the other hand, material requirements and production processes are more complicated. It is reported that the asking price is about 1200 to 2000 pounds. For most men around the world, going to fantasy dreams has never been easier or exciting. However, with the advent of sex dolls, the meaning of sexual satisfaction or pleasure has completely changed. Now, people are beginning to understand the importance of emphasizing physical desires.

Compared with real women, they prefer to have sex with adult dolls, because the latter can bring them a better sense of satisfaction and happiness. Ultimately, this has led to an increase in the demand for sex dolls. They will use their rich imagination to create an atmosphere of emotional communication with the doll, hoping that someone can respond to them. When they talk, someone will answer; when they are exhausted, they want to be hugged or lie to others for comfort.

Many people do not expect these love dolls to really bring them any practical return, but only hope to get their psychological comfort and company. Human compassion, objects as creatures. A research team from Toyohashi University of Technology in Japan published a study in Scientific Reports in 2015 that provided the first neurophysiological evidence for human emotions towards sex dolls. At that time, the researchers asked the test subjects to watch pictures of wounds on the fingers of humans and sex dolls. The results showed that the testers had similar empathy for humans and sex dolls.

Are they beautiful? It goes without saying that most high-end love sex dolls are very beautiful and gorgeous. If you look around the urdolls website, you will find that many sex dolls are obviously more beautiful than the women you have seen in real life. All dolls have a body worthy of death and a face that you like to wake up. What better, you can customize them according to your own preferences and wishes. In order to prepare TPE materials, it is necessary to accurately calculate and mix the raw materials according to the required proportions, and mix them evenly.

Due to different product formulations, the quality of TPE will vary greatly. When all the required materials are prepared, the processing of these materials begins. The material is heated to about 200 degrees, and then the heated material is injected into the mold, and the WM Dolls is gradually formed in the mold. You must have heard that a person should not share his towel with anyone, even the one he loves.

For similar reasons, you should not share your doll because you may be at risk of sexually transmitted diseases. Not only that, the person who shares the doll with you may not care about her as much as you do. He may also not bathe her often. Therefore, it does not make sense to make yourself vulnerable to diseases and bacterial infections.

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