It only took him two years to officially date his sex doll

Imagine that you are single, you have physical desires to satisfy, and you are afraid of being vulnerable to sexually transmitted diseases. what should I do now? How can I ensure that my mood is satisfied without the risk of contracting STDs? The simple way out is Love Doll. There is a huge difference between paid sex and lifelike sex dolls. After a while, it may hurt and scratch your doll’s knees.

So take extra precautions. If you are one of the men who likes your partner to stand against a wall and enter from behind, then you can also use this pose with a sex doll. Let her stand in the corner of the room, facing out, which means that her back should face you, and you should hold her from behind. The reason for fear is always the same: unknown.

In this case, the biggest problem is really not human sex dolls. This is after the entire artificial intelligence, we cannot see it, but we have begun to realize its existence. After spending a long time taking pictures of them, Benita felt it was safe to be with these people. She said: “They are really gentlemen.” “They are not interested in me at all! They just want to tell me their thoughts and functions about sex dolls and how to use sex dolls.”

All kinds of reasons are because at the beginning, Benita and my friends really cared about her safety. Many people usually ignore this aspect and think that once the 100cm sex doll arrives at your door, everything will be in place. Be prepared to take care of your lifelike partner in the best position to ensure your safety. As you know, they are composed of different chemicals, so you need to be careful. Another advantage due to their small size is that they are very easy to hide.

If someone comes to your home and you don’t want them to see your precious items, you can conveniently hide them in the closet without being noticed by anyone. When 36-year-old Steve and his sex doll, Beibei, tied the knot, all this came as a surprise. In 2019, Steve saw Babe’s sex doll online and decided to bring her into his life.

As a result, it only took him two years to officially date his sex doll. As expected, there are two reasons for this. First, because they treat dolls as adults and love it with the same love as humans. This inanimate object is like the incarnation of love. Although we all yearn for love, most people cannot accept this kind of love that is completely divorced from reality.

So, falling in love with WM Dolls, perhaps because of this pressure? Buying a DIY lover you like, thinking about it this way, seems to be no different from a star chaser calling an idol her husband? It’s just that the sex doll has no life. In this way, apart from choosing to fall in love with sex dolls, apart from not conforming to general ethical concepts, there is really nothing to point out. I am very happy and consider myself true love. Why should you care about what others say?

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