And assign personality preferences to the love dolls according to the fantasy of each doll owner

Although some radical anti-machines and sociologists are opposed to the combination of artificial intelligence and various adult sex toys out of fear of “enslaving and abusing robots” or “objectifying women,” other psychologists believe that sex robots are not related to these shocking things. Allegations. Its users are just “people who are vulnerable.” Girls enter puberty and are ignorant of the changes in their bodies; they do not know the happy zone in their bodies.

Therefore, through Love Doll, they are taught their sexy zone and how it feels when someone touches there. These dolls are also the perfect way to teach you to distinguish good touch from bad touch. After that, in early 2019, the company will import about 50 character dolls from China every month, and the supply is still in short supply. Today, Meier’s company purchases nearly 200 pieces a month. Consumers’ obsession with sex dolls has increased their industry’s import demand for such products.

However, these functions are more and more analogous. In addition, you use XL sex dolls to interact, and you can selectively explore different options such as sex and mouth to explore deviant behaviors. Buying these dolls is like a Cancer’s dream come true. The 62-year-old said that his age is “very limited” in terms of flexibility. He can only sit in the yard and bask in the sun. With the doll by his side, he doesn’t seem so lonely anymore.

Brick also has a strong view on the role of 100cm sex doll in preventing social phobia and communication. He believes that if more people come into contact with dolls, then mental illnesses such as depression, anxiety and bipolar disorder will be greatly reduced. Make money with sex dolls. Although their main goal is not money, many Internet celebrities have already made some money through their content, and writer Jessica also mentioned this in her article.

In the process of getting along with these people, she found some interesting insights. They discovered how these people treat love dolls intimately, and assign personality preferences to love dolls based on the fantasy of each doll owner. The people Benita meets are very different from those he meets in ordinary coffee shops. With the rapid development of “artificial intelligence” (AI), robots have derived various uses.

Today, British scientists have discovered that robots can not only be used for long-term photography, but also “artificial intelligence WM Dolls” can help elderly people living alone get rid of loneliness. Dennis decided to leave a portion of his estate in his will to take care of these dolls when he died. He said: “I am going to take care of them after I leave home. I can’t let them bury with me, just like burying myself with your hands.”

Life has made him tired enough. At this age, he is unwilling to enter a new social circle. He just wants to live a peaceful and simple life. Therefore, he decided to buy a sex doll. After getting the doll, he has expectations for life, because he can have a normal married life, and the doll may be more beautiful and sexy than any woman he got because of poverty. From the day of sexual desire in his life, until the age of 50 He has never experienced the feeling of being fucked like a girl.

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