A full-size doll will be as close as you get a real woman

Although the use of realistic Love Doll is still a taboo around the world, it is common to find large numbers of people crazy about them. The regular growth in global sales is undoubtedly an important sign of their social acceptance among men and women. Sex dolls also help educate adults to explore their bodies and sexual positions.

Sex is nature; it is natural to people. However, there are still many people who know nothing about sex. Through friends or porn, they know the process of sex, but still don’t know the tidbits that no one has really talked about. American-made sex dolls in New York help people understand the true meaning of “satisfaction.” Not only that, but the doll will also teach them about orgasm, foreplay and the touch that makes people feel good in bed. Sex dolls are for singles only.

This is one of the biggest rumors heard by most sex doll buyers. People think that Sulrebor sex dolls are only suitable for singles, which is definitely a wrong mentality. Sex dolls are suitable for everyone who wants to improve the quality of life. For singles, the doll is their partner, a partner who enriches their spiritual life; a partner who listens to all the problems he shares, and a partner who accompanies him when he is alone.

The opinions of 100cm sex doll manufacturers on sex dolls and sex robots. Lover doll manufacturers quickly pointed out that the original intention of sex doll production is more than that. On the contrary, they also provide companionship for the elderly and the disabled. In addition, they can alleviate the loneliness of people who are cut off from society due to age or disability. Perhaps most importantly, the company is demonstrating top-notch sex doll technology. Sex doll manufacturers are using artificial intelligence, material science and robotics to create multifunctional dolls. Soon, there will be sex doll robots that can have conversations, remember the owner’s preferences, and behave like real people.

However, women and feminist groups have expressed concern that they believe that some companies that provide sex dolls with specific identities or young faces will undermine the dignity of women by promoting the sexual objectification of women. Seung-hee, head of South Korea’s Cyber ​​Sexual Violence Response Center, said: “Buying lifelike human-sized sex dolls is dangerous because they make users feel that they can buy, sell or control a person’s body.” Different ages and genders respond differently.

I once heard people say “vulgar enough!” Indeed, there has always been a debate about “art or vulgar” in body art, especially the origin of WM Dolls. I created this work to bring out the thinking of “the future of separation of women and reproduction” and “what are life and people?”, not to bring out other themes. However, I always disagree with “vulgarity is not art” or “because it is art, it is not vulgar.” Because it is difficult to define, it can be said to be a flower in my own eyes!

The weight to focus on is the weight of people who have up and down and may have pain, but when you are healthy, a full-size doll will be as close as you get a real woman. The easiest clothes, wigs and other gifts, but they are not easy to hide. Whether buying or renting, large and small dolls are the first choice in both cases. On the other hand, we also believe that customers with recognition ability will be truly inspired by the idea of ​​perfect dolls in their eyes. Customization will not only become a popular choice, the company will also strive to provide customers with more choices.

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