My choice is undoubtedly from WM Doll

For the style, based on the silver doll, my choice is undoubtedly from WM Doll, but the body is a little larger than 140, and between 150 and 160 cm. I do not recommend using this brand because the deadline becomes ridiculous, and the quality of their work can no longer prove that the deadline exceeds 24 months. Fortunately, I only have to wait for 11 months. I spent the night reviewing many parts of the forum about making real sex doll.

Therefore, I will not continue my original intention of the original design, because I have concluded that I already have a poor quality doll. I will spend some time and be familiar with its handling, maintenance and repair. Then, I will invest in a high-quality doll, and I will take good care of it and find a suitable place. I am correcting what you said in the preamble, I have been in the market for 15 years.

The price has definitely not dropped. In the case of inflation and transportation costs, other prices have not increased, and silicones have increased. This depends on the euro. Dolls have also developed significantly. They are more beautiful. Mastering is also better, and choices have been increased. Only new Chinese dolls appearing on the market give the impression that they are cheaper. A TPE sex doll has no smell and is more or less resistant, depending on the hardness of the silicone.

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