Because real sex doll may also cross the file

In addition to the doll, you must also pay attention to the file, because real sex doll may also cross the file, pull the file without knowing … Then if you want to kiss it now, wear the helmet in front of your eyes. I personally feel that the content of your speech is not clear at all! Indeed, you tell us that you own a doll, and then you buy a doll in TPE, and tell us about the possibility of buying dolls with options.

On the last doll, ask if any of us have this doll model on the forum and let him share his feedback; it is necessary to further clarify your expectations of us. To me, your presentation seems clear, but you do n’t seem to be doing anything in accordance with what you intend to do. Do you want to replace or buy a second TPE sex doll? Or are you just asking?

In the first two cases, I suggest that you list the things you like and dislike in your current doll, which will help you identify the brands and institutions that you need to focus on. Because you have a doll of good quality and are interested in entry-level brands, please beware of disappointment! In your research process, the doll that suits you best is one that winks in the blink of an eye. Whether it is TPE or silicone dolls. If you are gentle with her, everything will be fine.

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