These sex dolls have already done very well

I won’t say better: visually, sex toys are getting more and more bluffing. But in terms of technology, it is a prehistoric history: it is heavy, fragile, and not practical at all. Especially not what we should do with it. Combined with all brands, they are not very advanced and the only skeleton quality without rusting. Moreover, we do not have enough perspectives. But they are so beautiful! This is why we love them! Until the day the manufacturer decides to leave, all others must adjust themselves. As for any industry, we all say: “This year, these mini sex doll have done a good job…” (Fortunately, doll manufacturers don’t ride bicycles, especially at this sales price.. ….) Here they can take the Decathlon in the mountain bike department: the lightweight frame is sturdy and flexible, and there is nothing missing. In short, I am going astray, sorry.

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