I still have a hard time finding the right sex doll

Hello everyone, my name is Mika, 40 years old, I still hesitate to find a Japanese sex doll. I really like urdolls dolls, I hope to find valuable user information here, they like what they least like Maybe I can decide to take risks. Thank you! Otherwise I still have a hard time finding the right model. First of all, I like big women (say my body type), but not many chests. ‘Normal’ said. Quite realistically in sex dolls, they almost all have large shells, and the size is too big for plum tarts like me. So I limit it to 30 kilograms, even though 1m58 is a bit small for me, this looks very suitable, according to my taste. In this same face, I almost ordered a 166 C cup, a hair more without a breast is too much howitzer – but 38 kg too much, I think. ‘Little’ 158 is the best compromise.

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