I hope to wear sex doll clothes as soon as possible

I can’t access everything at this time. In any case, the method of dressing has been made: what makes me uneasy is to expose my Japanese sex doll to a piece of meat in my box. Hello romanticism. After the first assembly/cleaning, I hope to wear sex doll clothes as soon as possible. In a simple way. I want to discover it gradually, otherwise it will break the charm. On the other hand, there is absolutely no feminine clothes in my house, and I don’t know anything about it. (I don’t want to ask my girlfriend for a while.) In addition, the doll’s measurements look a bit unreal – and illusory instructions – so buying in advance is very dangerous. I have to find the correspondence table for the 158 A-cup. At the same time, I have to wear my clothes. I am slim and not very big, it will help: t-shirts, jeans, sneakers… then even buy a pair of pants (respect…) cotton and tights better through Jeans… Haha! Like the one who just adopted a teenager and didn’t know what to do.

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