I found a little comment on the sex dolls in the market

Anyway, thank you for your greetings! A little bit about my discovery of sex dolls on the market, all the faces presented are very young. I would have liked my little ‘Alex’ to have a face, like a teenager in his thirties instead of a fifteen. Here I will have the impression that I will become his father. I think it’s not necessarily easy to reproduce a specific age in TPE-baby skin technically. Another note: I see many of you need a few weeks, and you can choose a Japanese sex doll for a few months. Personally, I have a “opportunity” that only wants a hat A, B, maybe C doesn’t have much choice so I spent two weeks because I had to choose the brand in this category (for realism and bone) max. 30 kg and a minimum body of about 160. If I am a follower of the big tits, I will be even more angry: there is a car.

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